Sunday, September 25, 2011

Repost: A love letter to Singapore

I am never the sentimental type but why do I find you so romantic? I've only known you for a couple of days (five to be exact) and I don't even understand your English. But it doesn't matter now. When I'm all done with school and work, perhaps, you can take me out to dinner again? You can take me anywhere, I wouldn't mind. Just warn me if its somewhere classy so I can dress up.

I dream of you, you know. I get reminded.- with a simple scent, a taste, a smell. From where I come from, it's inappropriate for girls to go writing love letters. But this time, I'll just have to do away with tradition and say how I really feel. Perhaps, I'm in love.

Till we meet again. XOXO.

Esoy's Hot Spring

For the past 2 months, the only time that I was able to get out of the city was for school work. The class went to Catmon, Cebu to do a little survey for a Coastal Resource Management Project. After 2 tiring days of swimming, our good professor treated us to a hidden hot spring somewhere in town. I can't give out specific directions though because everything was pre-arranged by our host. I think there are public motorcycles for rent somewhere near the market area.

We took a 30-minute motorcycle ride up the mountains and were dropped right in front of this deserted red gate. A few minutes later, the caretaker ushered us in. We followed a narrow path down to the spring and after a few minutes of walking, boy we were in for a treat.

Yes, that is a rash guard I'm wearing. Let me explain....

The place was quite small and very cozy. It had two pools: a larger rectangular one at the first level and smaller round pool at the lower level. You can actually rent the place all to yourself - perfect for family gatherings. So we relaxed, took pictures, ate dinner, bummed around some more before finally going home.

And oh, about the rash guard - these are my work clothes. Hehe. We went straight from field work to the spring. I do not recommend wearing this. It was obviously HOT. But over-all, the place was great and the company - even better. A wonderful ending to field work.

Esoy's Hot Spring
Catmon, Cebu
Entrance fee: 100 PhP
Motorcycle fare: 50 PhP


  • A reservation policy is strictly followed so for those who want to visit, make sure that you call them up a day ahead. I'll post the contact number once I get a hold of it.
  • Do not tire yourself too much, it's a long and tiring trek back up so save some of your energy for the walking.

Photo credits: Rex Samuel "party liaison / snack bar/ candy corner" Abao

Travel-less August and September

Dear Blog,

Guess what? I'm back from the dead! You are upset I know. It's been quite a while - two months and three days to be exact since I published anything. But you know what? I really do think of you every day. And I think about airplanes, and train rides and travelling too. Every single day. Could you please give me time to explain?

You see, I put myself on a self-imposed travel ban without telling you. My fault again, yes. Between saving for the Energy Ball's 2nd birthday party and a car - I really had no money left for anything. So I hope you can forgive me. I promise to make it up to you. Maybe this October, I can take you to see Bacolod's Masskara festival or may be we can spend a night together at Apo Island.

I'm sure you'd like that.



Packing up pretty soon... =)