Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Weekenders: Green Lagoon, Compostela, Cebu

'The Weekenders' is a little series that will feature destinations, resorts, sights and food stops around Cebu to visit for the weekend. It's my own little contribution to promoting local travel. Hope you'll enjoy and take time to visit too.

Green Lagoon is a middle-sized beach resort found at the northern part of Cebu, in Barangay Canamucan, Compostela. Although the beaches are not as beautiful in this side of the province, the resort still offers impressive facilities that will surely keep you and your family occupied during the weekend.

For one, then have this huge pool with two slides which are perfect for the kids. The pool can go to as deep as 4 feet so it's something that the adults can enjoy as well. The pool is open for both day and night use with different rates (more expensive during the evening).

The resort also offers 14 (I think) rooms for those who want to stay for the night. The rooms are quite simple but they are clean. All are air conditioned with a private CR, TV, a cabinet and a dresser and a king sized bed. Very basic but enough. A little advice: try not to book room 11. It was still a bit shabby when we stayed there.

For those who want to stay only for the day, there are also hut cottages for rent. There's a grilling area where you can cook your food, a shower room, a comfort room, a small resto that serves pretty good food and some little concessionaires here and there selling fries, drinks, hot dogs on stick, etc. 

Resto's menu
Green Lagoon also has its own calesa (horse-driven carriage) where you can rent for 20 PhP / 30 minutes. Over-all, we had a good time. The Energy Ball had a blast. I came home with a fever, but hey. T'was fun. 


Entrance:               Adult - 20; Children -10
Day Pool Use:      Adult - 100; Children - 50
Night Pool Use:    Adult - 120; Children -70
Cottage Rental:    500
Rooms:                1200 (good for 2 adults; additional adult with mattress: 150; room is good only for 4 pax)
Shower:               5 / pax
Corkage (drinks): 5/bottle; 50/case


  1. I've been to Compostela and that is to go to Stakili now Estaca. A little high price for a extended family trip, all the same it was great experience. But I prefer more affordable resorts where I can bring my extended family again.Already have a long list of affordable cebu beach resorts. I will add Green Lagoon to my list!

  2. Hi Helen. That's great! Thank's for dropping by. Will be featuring more resorts around north soon. =))

  3. the crew are not honest as well they didint return our water despenser....they took it and denied for a million times...dont leave your tjhings unattended with the cant trust them...!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Scotting, I'm sorry to hear that and thanks for warning.

  5. i am planning to have a reservation from 6am in the morning to 6pm in the evening.
    is the price is still the same???i mean 1200????