Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Weekenders: Boardwalk, Compostela Cebu

After a century, this lazy lady finally had the time to write a second entry to her so-called Weekender series. It's been ages so let me refresh you a little bit on what I wanted (and hopefully, continue) to do. The Weekender Series was created to feature local go-to spots around Cebu - resorts, food spots, etc.

So for my second entry, I give to you this: a very small resort found in the town of Compostela called Boardwalk. It's an hour (or so) drive up north from the city, making it an ideal spot for quick get-aways. The place is relatively laid-back compared to the neighboring towns of Lilo-an and Danao.

The small resort has 4 rooms, 2 cottages for rent and an area just small enough to accomodate a few guests. There's a pool, a small jacuzzi and the grounds are fairly well-maintained - which I really liked. There is no shoreline here so make sure you bring along your aqua shoes or wear some sturdy, non-slip flops (Ispartan!) if you want to explore the rocky beach.

The resort does not have a restaurant, which means bringing your own food is a must. They do however, sell drinks. Boardwalk is located just a few meters away from the market so you can easily walk or take a trike to get the supplies you need. No corkage fees, of course.

This is a good option for families who want to spend a good weekend out without going too far up north to where the real good beaches are - say, like Bantayan or Malapascua. I think this would be an excellent choice for parties and small events. I come here simply because the facilities are good, the shower rooms are clean, the grounds are nice, it's near the house and it's very private.

Entrance fee is 100 Php for adults and 50 PhP for kids (0-6 years old). For overnight stays, there are nice rooms available at 1800 PhP good for 5 people. For an extra head, you need to add 300 PhP. Quite a good deal if you ask me. =)


  1. Hi :)
    Do we need to make reservations? Thank you

  2. At this time, 2500 is currently the rate of the Rooms. good for 5 persons.. and thats the minimum,

  3. Do you have a contact number for them?