Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ilo-ilo Accommodation: Circle Inn Hotel and Suites

A work-related trip to Ilo-ilo led to me this little hotel called the Circle Inn Hotel and Suites. The place is just a few minutes away from SM City and Smallville - one of Ilo-ilo's more popular night spots and literally a walk away from the jetty for Guimaras. In my three nights, I was lucky enough to stay in three different rooms. Seriously. Sometimes, being a victim of a reservation mix-up can be a good thing. =)

On my first night, I was booked in a Deluxe Room with a matrimonial bed. This type of accommodation is at 1,380 PhP. The price is good for 2 but I had the room all to myself. It offers basic amenities: a/c, cable tv, some toiletries (soap and shampoo) and a cold, hot and super-hot-I-will-steam-you-alive shower. haha.

On my second night, I was transferred to a bigger room with three single beds - together with the rest of the girls. I particularly liked this room. It was spacious. It had a mini bar with a few drinks, a water heater, complimentary coffee and tea and a bathroom that was as large as my bedroom back home. Room 228 was especially nice because it had a good view of Guimaras. This was priced at 1,780 PhP per night.

DISCLAIMER: I did not drink all of that beer.
On my third night, the whole mob-este-group decided to move together to a family room. The room was even bigger with 6 single beds and two bathrooms. Their published rate was 3,600 but they gave it to us at 2,700 PhP only. Sweet.

Over-all, the rooms were great. Simple design. Clean. Soft sheets. Beautiful lighting. Working hot and cold shower. However, they do not offer complimentary bottled water so you have to buy them at the coffee shop below. They also offer a few food selections for room service. Food was okay. The beer was cold- which was of utmost importance. The people in the coffee shop offered nice service - something that the girls in the front desk should learn a thing or two about. Just sayin'. =)

Although this may not be the best choice for budget travelers, this is a good option for traveling groups and families. The larger rooms were particularly nice. So if you were to ask me if I'd come to stay again at the Circle Inn Hotel and Suites, the answer would be yes. =)

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