Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Hits and Misses of Camp Alfredo, Guimaras

I decided to write a separate post about Camp Alfredo because I liked it and not-so-liked it at the same time. Bi-polar blogger, anyone? Anyways, Camp Alfredo is one of the tourist attractions in Guimaras Island that offers a zip line-rappelling adventure-slash-obstacle course (whatever you call it, hahaha).

So why do I hate it and love it at the same time? Read on.

The Miss: the zip line / obstacle course was not really that long for the price that they offer. OR MAYBE, the people assigned to brief guests of such a course were not enthusiastic enough to tell us the whole route. I found out in their Facebook page however, that the course is relatively longer, and perhaps, worth the price. Prices and packages can be seen here (Camp Alfredo's FB page).

A part of the obstacle course

Another Miss: The expensive Coke Sakto. I'm sorry. I just cant get over it. I never knew Coke in Guimaras could be very expensive. Haha.

The Hit: The Pool. I'm raving about the pool, I know. It's just so clean and blue and green and happy. I would love to take a dip here at night, with nothing but the stars and the mountains and the trees and those cute lanterns.

Another Hit: The landscape. The landscaping in Camp Alfredo is beautiful. It's still a work-in-progress, I guess. But they are doing excellent work on it.

Entrance fee to Camp Alfredo is 50 PhP. They also offer cute cottages/rooms that I was not able to take a picture of. They're perched on the side of the hill (nice pictures of those on their FB Page).

So given the chance to return to the island (and if I had enough money to spare), I'd love to stay for the night and experience dipping in that beautiful pool. I do still need to find a way to smuggle beverages into the resort though. ;)


  1. how much is the coke sakto again? haha

  2. The owner of Camp Alfredo requested me to post this message ...

    Hi! Thank you for visiting CamP Alfredo during your trip to Guimaras, while I must apologize for the feeling of having been robbed in broad daylight with the php35 cost of Coke solo. I will look into this and ensure that this is rectified. The high cost of electricity in the island, which is probably the highest in the Philippines, cannot justify this. May 32 pwede na.. hehehe.. just kidding.. Your comments are much appreciated and I see you have an eye for beauty! :)


    1. Hi Sir Coy. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and for taking my comments into consideration. =) I do hope I can return soon for that pool and those beautiful cottages. Wishing all the best for Camp Alfredo!

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