My Deadline-less Bucket List

This page used to be my 2011 bucket list. But 2012 came and I have barely finished doing half of the things I wrote in here. Pathetic, I know. But I'm not giving up. No siree. I might even be adding a few more when I'm done with most of them. So again, here are the things, sights, smells and tastes that I want to experience before I die.

  • Go paraw sailing in Boracay at sunset
  • Get run over by a Zorb ball
  •  Spend my birthday on board a junk in Halong Bay
  • Travel to Palawan
  • Visit my first UNESCO HERITAGE SITE
  • Finally visit Camotes (6/28/12)
  • Spurlge for a night in Mactan's Shangri La
  • Eat out at Wakamatsu
  • Take Isabelle to Ocean Park or Ocean Adventure (she goes gaga over fish)
  • Start planning and saving for that trip to Batanes (EXpensive airfare!)
  • Conquer Battlestar Galactica
  • Taste authentic Prata in Singapore
  • Go up the Marina Bay Sands Hotel 
  • Go to Malapascua with FRIENDS
  • Finish off one whole pizza from Angelina's (Malapascua)
  • Dive with the Thresher sharks and live to write the tale
  • Beach bum in Siquijor
  • Spend a night at the Bohol Bee Farm
  • Do volunteer work
  • Get a small tattoo (I hope my Mom doesn't read this)
  • Start driving

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